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This shiny, durable Acrylic Letter Set is perfect to help little ones practice their letter recognition, phonetic sounds, and spelling of simple words. Each letter is approximately 5 cm tall. Set includes all the letters of both the Swahili and English alphabet, so your child can practice in either language! 27 letters in total. Available in Orange or Black.


Letters are very durable - they can be covered in mud or frozen in ice!


Some ideas to make learning fun with your letters:

Hide the letters in a sensory bin (of rice, sand, beans, etc.). Have your little one find and identify the letter. If they're able, have them practice saying the letter's phonetic sound.

After finding the letter, use our alphabet flashcards and match the letter to the correct flashcard.


**Adult Supervision Strongly Recommended At All Times.**

Acrylic Letter Set

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