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Me and my favorite pirate! 

About us

How did Bambuzi Toys come to be? 

After moving to Nairobi, I was impressed with the many talented clothing and furniture makers and the lovely bright kitenge fabrics. Interested in unique toys for my toddler-age son, I searched for locally made toys that were creative, durable, and not plastic or imported.

To my surprise, I didn't find any.

Determined...I found a resourceful local crafter that helped me

source materials , sat down at my sewing machine,

and starting making toys.


And Bambuzi was born! 

Nowadays, I don't make all the toys myself. We partner with local sewing cooperatives and eco-conscious wood workshops

to contribute to local artisan employment. 

baba + mbuzi = Bambuzi

[papa]    +    [goat]     =     [papa goat]

About our name

One day, when a toy company was just a daydream, my son was running around the house, as toddlers do, screaming a seemingly made up word: “Bambuzi!”

I joked with my husband, “What a funny word. If I ever pursue this kids toy thing, we should call it Bambuzi...”


And then, over time, as things took shape, we needed a name. Of course, it had to be "Bambuzi."

So, quite appropriately, a toddler gave us our name.

Does Bambuzi mean anything in Kiswahili?   Yes!

Baba (father/papa/daddy) + Mbuzi (goat) = Bambuzi (papa goat)


It suits us.


Baby goats are called kids.

And after all, aren’t children and goats sometimes a little similar? Well, mine are...


Playful, curious, adventurous....and maybe even a little wild!


Unleash your inner goat! Let's play!

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