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Babies are so wonderful!  In their first year, they change and grow so quickly as they discover their world!  It's such a magical time. 


This Baby Bundle is a perfect baby shower gift to welcome a new little one.  With 4 different toys, there is something in the bundle to encourage learning through play for different developmental stages in a baby's first year. Also includes a fragrance-free, all-natural, baby-friendly soap from Kara Sidai. 




Ribbon Ring: A colorful toy for baby to grab and explore. Appropriate from 3 months as a grab toy or for sensory stimulation.


Teething Ring: A must have when baby is teething!  Can also be used from 3 months as a grab toy. Appropriate from about 6 months or when baby starts teething. 


Sensory Toy: This multi-sensory toy engages and delights! Appropriate from as young as 3 months and becomes more fun and engaging as they grow. 


Wood Pull toy (either an elephant or giraffe): Little ones will love taking this animal friend for a walk. Approriate from about 12 months of when you little one can walk.


Baby Gift Bundle

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