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Sensory play is so important (and fun!) for babies. This multi-sensory toy engages and delights. It crinkles! It squeaks! It has ribbons and wood bobbles to grasp (or hang on an activity center).  


Tested by my 5 month old and he LOVES it!  It really keeps him busy grasping, squeezing, turning, and chewing. I always make sure it's in the diaper bag when leaving the house. 


Made of soft kikoy, ribbons, 'crinkle paper,' squeaker, and wood parts. Each is handmade and one-of-a-kind.  Please note that because these are handmade, there may be small variations for the ribbons used. 


Appropriate for 3 months and up. Spot clean only, do not hand or machine wash. 


**Adult supervision strongly recommended at all times!**

Baby Sensory Toy

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