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This wood Geo Board is a wonderful "learning through play" resource for a home or Montessori classroom setting. Geo Boards are a versatile learning tool that can be used in many ways to explore geometry and improve fine motor skills. 


Our set comes with 50 colored rubber bands - 10 each in 5 different sizes and colors. The board size is 7x7 inches and comes with a drawstring bag (to help keep the parts together).  We also include a set of laminated cards to help guide and challenge your child in making simple and complex shapes as well as numbers. For more ideas, there are many resources online for GeoBoard activities to suit a range of learning ideas and difficulty levels. Children can enjoy playing both in and out of the home (think: car and plane trips).


What is a Geo Board?

A geo board is a wood board with 25 screws evenly spaced (about 1 inch apart). It's used to explore shapes and basic concepts of geometry. To use a geo board, the child replicates a pattern from a card (which we provide) on the board by stretching rubber bands across the screws. In doing this, the child improves their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, logic and problem-solving! 


Developmental Benefits of using a Geo Board:

  • Fine motor skills development - by stretching rubber bands over the screws to make shapes and patterns.
  • Improves pincher grip and pre-writing muscle development.
  • Sensory engagement - both visual and tactile by seeing and learning about the shapes formed with the rubber bands on the board.
  • Concentration through focusing on a task to complete it.
  • Problem-solving skills - when the board doesn't match the shape they set out to make and they need to adjust their approach.
  • STEM learning through counting, measuring, scaling, angles, and 2D shapes.
  • Creativity and imagination through making up a new way to play with the board. 


Suitable for ages 3 years and up (with supervision because of the small parts!)


**Adult supervision storngly recommended at all times.**

Geo Board

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