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We call it a Kitchen Helper...some know it as a (Montessori) Learning or Observation Tower.


Either way - the goal is the same. Help your child safetly and easily reach a counter or sink. This will safely allow them to be included in the activities in your home. Inclusion and participation in things like cooking meals and washing hands helps build independence and confidence.


Hands on learning is so valuable, especially when learning about kitchen safety, hygiene, and nutrition. Also great for bathrooms to make handwashing and teethbrushing easier.


Original design is adjustable to three heights, to best adapt to your child's height.

Foldable design conveniently folds closed for storage.

Design of the kitchen helper is quite stable.

Encourages independence, as the child can go up and down without assitance.


Original :

35" tall, 15" wide / Adjustable step heights: 8", 13", 18"


37" tall, 17" wide / only 1 step height

Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Material: Locally handcrafted of cypress with light varnish.


Made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. (Only available in Nairobi, not able to ship .)


**Adult supervision strongly recommeded at all times!**

Kitchen Helper

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