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This pikler triangle climber is a fabulous, versatile toy for children from 6 months to 6 years. There's not many toys that provide such value and entertainment for that range of ages. The pikler includes a detachable ramp which has a slide side and a climbing side (simply put it lower for younger children and move higher as they seek more challenge). 


The pikler is a sturdy indoor (or outdoor) climbing structure that encourages little ones to practice gross motor skills and physical challenges at their own pace.  The pikler helps empower children to safely explore what their body is capable of and encourages their curiosity, creativity and self-confidence. 


The pikler triangle is associated with the Montessori method for learning and based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in respectful child rearing, free movement and independent learning through play.


Why we LOVE this toy: 


Value for Money: The pikler can be safely used for about 6 years... that's 2,300ksh PER YEAR!  Such a bargain! 


For all ages: When supervised, babies can safely explore pulling up, standing, and climbing.  Toddlers will enjoy testing their confidence and balance as they work on going 'up and over.'  Older child may find fun in using the triangle as in indoor playground or base for their make-believe play (is it a cave? a pirate ship? a mountain?).


Versatile: The pikler can be used in so many ways!  Hang toys inside for a baby to explore. Put a kikoy over and use as a tent.  Use the slide/climber ramp to extend the play options.  Can be used indoors or outdoors...though we don't recommend leaving outside for long periods. 


Easy storage: Pikler can be folded for storage....or to take on a trip! 


Use and care:  Wipe clean with damp cloth.  Can be used outdoors for short periods - not intended to be left in wet conditions or as a permanent outdoor structure. 


Locally handcrafted of cypress with light matte varnish. 


Made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 


**Adult supervision strongly recommeded at all times!** 

Pikler Triangle Climber (with slide)

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